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 Jam SENsations

A movement class for children with SEN.
For ages 5 +

Jam SENsations dance class are on
Mondays 5.30pm - 6.15pm 
Wednesdays at 4.30pm - 5.15pm

£3 per class
Contact us asap
if you'd like be a part
of this SENsational group! x


Reviews about our SEN class...


You'll fit in at Jam! 

Our daughter absolutely loves The Jam Place SEN classes. They are the highlight of her week, where she is celebrated for who she is. She comes out ecstatic, and cannot wait for the next class. 

The teachers make her feel incredible about herself in a safe environment, where can dance her heart out. 

Since attending the classes, her confidence, attention span, stamina, and focus have improved dramatically as well as of course her musical theatre skills. This has also been recognised at school.

Our daughter tells us that The Jam Place teachers make her 'feel amazing'. The joy we see in her face is priceless.

I cannot describe how much my 12 year old son loves jam dance classes. He has always enjoyed music and movement, and I have been literally searching for years for something like this near us - then one has appeared on our doorstep! I would have been prepared to travel a fair way to the classes too… But the fact it is local means that he, and we as a family, are meeting other people in a similar situation to ours and forming a really important community as well with local people. The teachers are amazing and so kind and thoughtful to our individual circumstances, making us feel very welcome whatever is going on in our lives. And as for the dance - Zack’s joyful face when he is following the wonderful teachers and spinning and leaping around says it all!!! Thank you! Long may it continue!!! 

Aimee, Cass & Helen
who look forward to meeting you!!! 

Relaxation time at the end of the class

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