About us! (T&C's at the bottom)

Hello and welcome to our #jamily!!!

We are Helen & Cass, the directors of the Jam Place CIC.
(Think Ant and Dec in legwarmers!)


Yep, 'jamily' is the name we created for our Jam Place family!!!

Sounds corney we know but that's what we are...a wee family!!

We're not a huge franchise but that's the beauty of what we have.   
This means we get to know each child (and their parents/carers) well and can meet their needs and go with them at their own pace.

We want to be family friendly on the purse strings too.
No uniform and no extra costs for costumes when we do our panto either.  
As a CIC we rely of extra funding so that we can provide facilities and classes to make our place a safe, clean space to visit and can add classes that will benefit the community. 

The Jam Place is now 13 years old!!  (we were called The Jam Academy but have since changed to a community interest company, so we had a name change at the same time).
We are a part of the community in Epsom and are so proud of all these lovely years where we have seen our children grow.

We started off as a small Musical Theatre Class and now we are a big Musical Theatre class with ballet, tap and jazz classes, dance parties, adult classes and more to come!!! Watch this space! 
We are proud to now be teaching the younger siblings of the children who first came to us 13 years ago.
(That also makes us feel OLD!)


We are both parents to girls (3 between us) and are passionate about the world of dance, music, theatre, arts, mindfullness, mental health awareness and well, making people know their worth in what can sometimes be a tricky old world. 

As well as teaching the steps to the children we do strive to give confidence, inspire and introduce music and genres they may not have heard or seen yet.
We also want them to feel happy and content with themselves.
With dance, drama or singing, even if it's not a business your child wants to do as an adult, it helps with poise, good eye contact and that word again, confidence! 

We are both DBS checked, First Aid trained have taken our Safeguarding Policy courses.
We have also completed courses in:

Old Age Psychology

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Wellness and Fitness

Aerobic and Cardio Fitness Training

How to use Art Therapy and CBT For Depression and Anxiety
Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse
Understanding Eating Disorders
Children's Mental Health
Covid Awareness

The Jam Place has public liabilty insurance and our GDPR information is at the bottom of this page. 


About Helen...

Helen is a professional actress, dancer and singer who trained from the age of 3 at Livingston Academy of Dance in the West Midlands.
There she gained all of her IDTA, ISTD and RAD exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern and Lamda exams for drama.
She was West Midlands Ballet and Tap Champion.

On leaving school she moved to London and attended Arts Educational Schools. Since then she has done many musicals, tv, radio, album recordings and film but now you can mainly see her on tv commercials for McDonalds, KFC, T-Mobile, Bonjela, Vanish, Boots, Barclays, Sainsburys and many more...you can see many of them here https://youtu.be/k5gsbond6nI 


About Cass...

Cass is a dance teacher, choreographer who also gained her exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern. 
She has her teacher training exams (NATD) and has perfomed in many festivals and shows.
She has choreographed events companies like John Lewis and Waitrose. 

Both Helen & Cass are writers, having done scripts for many shows, that have since been used for other schools.  They have also choreographed, directed and staged shows for many schools in the Epsom area, and for many years The Epsom and Ewell Dance Festival. 

Helen's daughter has Kabuki Syndrome and ASD and between us both we have learned lots about knowing how best to respond and encourage children who have additional needs.  So if you were concerned about bringing your child then please be assured that we welcome with open arms children with all wonderful personalities!  


We both have the same ethos.
If a child goes home feeling chuffed with themselves for doing even the simplest of things...then we are happy!!! 


We look forward to meeting you!! 

Helen & Cass x x

BEHIND THE SCENES we have Catherine Sullivan FCA (a chartered accountant with 15 years’ experience in the Charity sector) has recently become part of our Board to ensure that we are following best practice in all financial and governance matters.

The serious bits...


T&C's ....


In accordance with the GDPR rules:

Any details we have for you will not be passed on. 
Emails will only be sent out for the purpose of our own school information: invoices, term dates, show information.
Once you have left the school, unless you wish us to stay in touch for any reason, your information will be deleted from our files. 


For our website, facebook and YouTube channel there will be times where we will like to take pictures or video of the children in the classroom. If you have any objection to this then please let us know. 
We will not post up names or personal details. 

Any conversation had between yourself and us is confidential. 

The Jam Place has full public liabilty insurance. 

The Jam Place are trained in First Aid. 

The Jam Place are DBS checked and up to date. 

School T&C's:


Fees are to be paid on or before the first class of the term (apart from new students who get a first free class, we ask the term fees be paid once the first class has taken place). 

Invoices for the term are always sent out during the holiday before the next term.
Payment via our bank or cash is acceptable. 
Classes are payable per term, not weekly. 

If you are intending to leave please give us half a term's notice. 


If you cannot attend a class can you please text or phone Helen on 07870192266 if possible. 
Please check the website and/or the Facebook group incase classes are cancelled and we can't get hold of you. 

Please let us know if your child has any allergies or anxieties we need to be aware of.

Please come to us if you have any problems either before or after the class, or via email or phone. 

Please let us know if you have changed contact details.

Please advise us on who is collecting your child if it isn't people we know already. 


In dance the teachers have to often place hands on children to correct stance, leg or arm placement.
All teachers at Jam are DBS checked. 


We don't have a uniform but we do ask that children dress appropriately for dance classes.

Clothes they can move easily in, leggings and t-shirt, leotards etc. Please no jeans or tight clothing. 

For our ballet classes fairy and princess dresses are welcome but please make sure they come above the knee. 
Please, no crocs, sandals or shoes with heels for Musical Theatre or Ballet. 
Ballet children can have bare feet until they purchase their ballet shoes (we suggest you have your first free trial class before investing).

Jewellery including earings are fine, as long as they are a safe size ie. studs.


Parents can stay in the class if children are new and initially nervous but we do encourage parents to enjoy your time and use the lovely Chapter's Cafe in the reception area!
For Musical Theatre parents often arrive 5 minutes before the end of the class where they can see the dance we have learned in our second hour. 
For Ballet, unless children are nervous we ask that parents wait in the cafe. At the end of each half term we invite parents, family members, friends to watch the last class to see how well their children are doing. 


Bullying or bad behaviour will not be tolerated. 


If you have any problems or concerns then please contact us as soon as possible.

Please sign and date the T&C's (you will have when you start with us) and return asap. 


Many thanks

Helen & Cass